Monday, March 7, 2011

Personal Health Records: Advantages and Disadvantages

Personal Health Records are records of your personal health information stored on a system. They provide easier and faster access for patients to their information, which they can manage and control to their liking.

  • you can limit who can access your PHR online
  • you can limit how much of your personal information people can access
  • many different types of people can access them (i.e. your physicians, pharmacists, pharmacies, insurance companies, etc.)
  • many different forms as website ones are stored on a secure, reliable server created by one of your personal health care providers
  • Also, when a new doctor asks a patient for his medication history but he can’t remember it, he can go access the patient’s PHR online with his password and find it during an appointment (Ensley, Kibbe, Linares, & Colorafi, 2006, p. 57-62).
  • there is still no federal law right now stopping people from sharing or selling personal medical records to any marketing agencies or other 3rd parties without the patient’s consent
  • companies often take patient data without their consent and the data is shared without taking out all unique identifiers in it that reveal a patient’s personal information (“Protecting Patient,” 1999, p. 1)
  • It costs around $30,000 to implement an electronic record system in a health care facility
  • all someone needs is the patient's password to access their entire PHR online as there is no furthur security protection
  • the privacy settings in a Personal Health Record have not been fully developed yet

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  1. Hello all,
    Thanks for This Information....!Really helpful...
    I am developing project to Store personal health Records...I just want to ask that before storing personal health record online..using secure cloud system..what was the system... I mean what was the previous they maintained security for phr system...I am providing encryption to PHR records...and limiting access to users...Please reply

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  3. Medical records are important in documenting the final diagnosis of a patient, which treatments are given and the general medical history of the patient. Without such records, it will be difficult for another doctor to treat a new patient because he or she would have to order the same set of tests all over again. But the problem with the old medical records system is prone to destruction by the elements as they are all made of paper. Nowadays, health facilities are equipped with a computerized system more reliable and longer lasting.
    The medical records are kept safe in the third medical documentation system which has been duly approved by the right agencies. So now it’s clear to having PHR is safe, secure and reliable. Visit for making your safe, reliable and shareable PHR.

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