Monday, March 7, 2011

Personal Health Records: Advantages and Disadvantages

Personal Health Records are records of your personal health information stored on a system. They provide easier and faster access for patients to their information, which they can manage and control to their liking.

  • you can limit who can access your PHR online
  • you can limit how much of your personal information people can access
  • many different types of people can access them (i.e. your physicians, pharmacists, pharmacies, insurance companies, etc.)
  • many different forms as website ones are stored on a secure, reliable server created by one of your personal health care providers
  • Also, when a new doctor asks a patient for his medication history but he can’t remember it, he can go access the patient’s PHR online with his password and find it during an appointment (Ensley, Kibbe, Linares, & Colorafi, 2006, p. 57-62).
  • there is still no federal law right now stopping people from sharing or selling personal medical records to any marketing agencies or other 3rd parties without the patient’s consent
  • companies often take patient data without their consent and the data is shared without taking out all unique identifiers in it that reveal a patient’s personal information (“Protecting Patient,” 1999, p. 1)
  • It costs around $30,000 to implement an electronic record system in a health care facility
  • all someone needs is the patient's password to access their entire PHR online as there is no furthur security protection
  • the privacy settings in a Personal Health Record have not been fully developed yet

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  1. Hello all,
    Thanks for This Information....!Really helpful...
    I am developing project to Store personal health Records...I just want to ask that before storing personal health record online..using secure cloud system..what was the system... I mean what was the previous they maintained security for phr system...I am providing encryption to PHR records...and limiting access to users...Please reply


Please share your experiences with using paper-based medical records. Also, please share the pros and cons you've either experienced or think about paper-based medical records vs. online personal health records.